Same old song being sung again

THE EDITOR: Someone ought to tell our Prime Minister that people usually get tired of hearing the same old song. Last election run-up we kept hearing "she tief and she corrupt." With the upcoming local government election he has already started singing the same old song.

People who live in glass houses should not throw stones.

Let us take a look at a current situation. The Minister of Works announced the completion of the Valencia to Toco road, 12.4 miles, at a cost of $196 million and at the same time in Diego Martin a piece of road about 1/4 mile is costing $158 million. Is this some form of new math that I never learned?

Should the Government be more frugal in its spending, then maybe it would be in a better financial position and not have to burden the population with the property tax and still have some money left over to pass down to the low income earners, thereby alleviating the crime scourge now being experienced by all.


Diego Martin


"Same old song being sung again"

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