Pro cyclist Alexi Costa-Ramirez joins Miami Blazers

TT and Miami Blazers' Alexi Costa-Ramirez - Courtesy Miami Blazers
TT and Miami Blazers' Alexi Costa-Ramirez - Courtesy Miami Blazers

US-based pro cyclist Alexi Costa-Ramirez has joined American tour team Miami Blazers for the 2023 season.

After spending her first four years as a pro cyclist at CWA Racing in the US, Costa-Ramirez has now taken on a new challenge.

“I moved to the Miami Blazers because I was offered a really great new opportunity, and I was ready for some personal changes.

“The Miami Blazers are backed by some of the biggest brands in the sport of cycling and they all truly believe in the mission of the team, so it’s really cool to have that kind of support,” she said.

The TT endurance cyclist joins Mexican Antoineta Gaxiola, Americans Brandon Feehery, Dante Young, DAnuel Estevez, Jake Silverberg, Jonny Brown, Spencer Moavenzadeh and Tanner Ward, Bajan Josh Kelly, Belizean Oscar Quroz and Cuban Ruben Companioni.

“The team this year is super-diverse, with riders from eight different countries, so it makes it an extremely unique experience with so many different cultures.

“This year they started the women’s side of the team, and I am really looking forward to learning new things from all the experienced guys on the team.”

Costa-Ramirez said her last season was brought to an unexpected end after she suffered a fractured wrist in June in a crash.

“This will be my fifth year racing in the US and I’ve never been more excited for the season ahead. Recovering from that injury gives me extra motivation for this year to hit some personal goals and compete in some of my favourite races here.

“My new team has also offered a lot of support for me to pursue track racing with the national team, so that is also very encouraging.”

Costa-Ramirez is one of TT’s two women pro cyclists. The other is European-based road rider Teniel Campbell.


"Pro cyclist Alexi Costa-Ramirez joins Miami Blazers"

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