PM takes responsible approach on local govt issue

Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley - File photo - SUREASH CHOLAI
Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley - File photo - SUREASH CHOLAI

THE EDITOR: Say what you want about Prime Minister Rowley, he has handled the ruling of the Privy Council on the local government issue as a responsible leader should.

As Prime Minister he took a responsible approach to the Privy Council decision, setting in motion all the necessary actions to correct the fault and prepare the country for the local government elections.

Dr Rowley appeared to be calm and unconcerned about the din created by opposition forces. He did not rush into naming a date for the elections as the Opposition demanded, but followed existing laws, announcing that the poll will be taken within a 90-day window.

I truly believe that rushing to satisfy the Opposition demands would have created more problems. Therefore, Rowley’s approach was the right way to go. If there was a crisis, he did not let it overwhelm him. He handled it with deliberate action as observed in his parliamentary statement on Wednesday.

Indeed, I don’t for one moment believe that Rowley, as Prime Minister, had any intention of denying the people of TT the right to vote. That to me was an extreme position assigned to the Prime Minister and by extension the PNM by an opposition eager to get into office.

The PNM did not harbour dictatorial tendencies in 1971 when it controlled all 36 seats in Parliament or when it had a special majority in 1981.

The Prime Minister steadied the ship during the covid19 pandemic. His government has taken a responsible position in managing the economy, far better than some other countries. And he has maintained the safety net for the poor and vulnerable.

So far all government employees and pensioners are receiving their wages and allowances on time. Supermarket shelves are
not empty. And roadside stalls are filled with vegetables and fruits of all types.

This is not a country on the brink of collapse as some would have us believe. Yes, there are challenges with crime being the major one. And these are being addressed. We are still in safe hands.




"PM takes responsible approach on local govt issue"

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