Cops probe robbery with violence in Claxton Bay

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Southern Division police are searching for three men who beat and robbed a 37-year-old woman who was at home with her two children — a 15-year-old girl and a 10-year-old boy — on Thursday in Claxton Bay.

The police said the incident happened around 2.50 pm at Soledad Road North.

The housewife was at home with her two children. When the men entered, she was in the living room with her daughter, with the door partially opened.

A gunman wearing a white t-shirt over his face, a green jersey and black three-quarter pants walked in, pointed the gun at her and announced a robbery. He demanded cash and valuables.

Two others, including one wearing a black face mask, white vest and black three-quarter pants entered the house.

Two of the men began ransacking the house while the third dealt the victim several blows to her face and stole $3000, a quantity of assorted gold jewellery and a cell phone worth $500.

The three then walked out of the house and escaped.

Further checks revealed that two cell phones, valued $1500, and a tablet valued at $700 were also missing.

St Margaret’s police were alerted and Cpl Seeth and other police responded and gathered evidence. CSIs WPCs Beetan and Loutan also responded.

The Cyber Crime Unit was also informed.

No one has been arrested and PC Birbal is continuing investigations.


"Cops probe robbery with violence in Claxton Bay"

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