PEP: PM could call snap general election

 Prime Minister Dr. Keith Rowley. File photo/Angelo Marcelle
Prime Minister Dr. Keith Rowley. File photo/Angelo Marcelle

PHILLIP Edward Alexander, leader of the Progressive Empowerment Party (PEP) on Thursday raised the possibility of the Prime Minister calling a snap general election soon

He was reacting to Dr Rowley telling the House of Representatives that local government elections will be held within 90 days of last Thursday's Privy Council ruling that barred Government from continuing to extend the life of local government bodies.

Alexander told Newsday, "We're paying close attention to what he said. We are paying close attention to what he didn't say. We are waiting to see what type of election it is that he is calling. We are not sure if it is going to be a local government election, because this Government is falling apart."

He said the PNM could not afford "the referendum of a local government election," and the losses he predicts would hit the PNM.

"I think what the Prime Minister is hinting at is a snap (general) election and I think everybody should be on the look out for that.

"That said, any and all elections called in this country the Progressive Empowerment Party is a political party set up to contest elections and we will play our part when the bell is rung."

Newsday asked if in the hours since the PM's announcement, he had any initial views as whether the PEP would contest any upcoming elections, given limitations of time, resources and candidates.

Alexander replied, "There are a lot of conversations going on around us. The Progressive Empowerment Party will have a say in this election.

"With regards to how much we could pull off, we are aiming for all. So we are hoping for the best, because the public is asking us to be present in every corporation in every district. So we're doing our very best to get there. We're working around the clock at that."

While saying politics was all about money, he said the PEP must be careful who it took money from as a lack of campaign finance reform meant a prevalence of dirty money in politics.

"PEP shall do the right thing at every step. So we're going to weigh and balance and measure three times, and cut properly and all the right things we're supposed to do, we're going to do."


"PEP: PM could call snap general election"

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