Facing the quarter-life crisis

THE EDITOR: A lot is often espoused on a person's 20s being one of the best times in their life. However, very little is addressed on the challenges/hurdles one can and do experience during this epoch. Irrefutably, many apparent changes do occur during our 20s, among which are those in our relationships, careers, education and friendships.

From my observations, many people in their 20s tend to get a feeling as if they are at the back of the line, in today's context, if they somehow don't have a blueprint plan to succeed. As a result, many young people struggle with uncertainty, a confused mindset, psychological stress, and incessant soul-searching at finding that pathway during their 20s. This is termed "the quarter-life crisis."

The quarter-life crisis that many young people endure is made even worse by the advent of today's social media, which serves as a continual reminder of what others have achieved/accomplished. Despite the fact that each and every one goes through periods of uncertainty or difficulty during this time in their lives. The 20-somethings of today constantly face their nemesis – competing with other 20-somethings for better jobs, grades, opportunities and social life.

Face it, we all have job aspirations, but due to varying factors (a potent one being unemployment, especially in our neck of the woods) we may find that we are unable to continue on the path we had initially planned.

Whether we are reaching the end of our undergrad studies, just out of university, or working at a job that's paying the bills but with no real opportunities for advancement or progression, we can't help but ponder: are we on the right path or a bylane?

Every challenge has ways to overcome it. To identify who you are and what you will eventually become begin with self-reflection and introspection. Take an inventory of where you are at and at what junction in your life. How are you feeling? What emotions are you experiencing? What brings you stress and anxiety? Are you happy or content with where you are in life? What can you do to make yourself feel fulfilled today?

This journey of life is more often a detailed journal of discovering your own vast potential and tapping into it. It will be a long drawn-out process that requires great effort. But this is your own life, yours. Always bear in mind that each and everyone's path is different, nothing is cast in stone, and there is no set time to acquire your goals and aspirations.




"Facing the quarter-life crisis"

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