The expectation of corruption

THE EDITOR: Our country is in absolute shambles. All of the systems that are supposed to ensure the security, prosperity and welfare of our nation are failing those they are designed to protect and assist.

Health, transport, the judiciary, the media, the protective services, they are the laughing stock of the nation. How did we reach here? Why is this continuing and what can we do to reverse this cancer?

Firstly, as a nation we are led by those who do not have our best interest at heart. Politics in TT is at its lowest and while we focus on Kamla Persad-Bissessar and Keith Rowley, the real puppeteers gladly reap the benefits from our distraction.

You see, once we remain divided it is easier for them to control us. Once we continue to attack each other, it leaves them free to feed off our children's waning bounty.

They come ever so often offering glitter and gold and in the same breath brand the other side as evil. But they are both sides of the same coin, singing their songs for the money. And therein lies the demon – money. They sold us out for their own comfort and we are so desperate that we have lost our own power.

Instead of demanding better or asking the right questions, we have resigned ourselves to believe this is how things are and it is a good thing. We in fact have sold out ourselves. We believe there is now an acceptable expectation of corruption that must exist in our politic.

While ideally there should be none, it would be an unrealistic notion, however, at what level is enough. How many lies are we willing to be fed to satisfy our bellies when our neighbours are hungry and victimised?

The recent developments in our country have shown that we as a people need to address the criminal elements at the top and with expediency. Those who turn a blind eye to their failures and are patted on the back by their tit-for-tat friends.

We need to understand that the resources and potential of this land are too much for us to be in this state of dire want and strife. Those who think they are doing an excellent job are free to think so, but they cannot be allowed to freely justify their adjudication with addressing our reality.

TT, are you willing to ask the hard questions or will you leave it up to your children to be the answer to harder masters?




"The expectation of corruption"

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