PM: Police to get more body cameras

Prime Minister Dr Rowley -
Prime Minister Dr Rowley -

The Prime Minister says more body cameras will be bought for use by frontline police officers to give investigators an accurate understanding of police-involved confrontations.

Dr Rowley made the announcement in response to Naparima MP Rodney Charles at a sitting of the Lower House on Wednesday.

Referring to claims about the police killing of Carenage mechanic Kisseh Lendor last Tuesday, Charles asked why all frontline officers were not equipped with body cameras.

Rowley said as far as he was aware, 1,100 body cameras had been bought and were being used by frontline police.

He added that another batch of cameras was expected to be bought.

"If more is required, more resources will be made available, because the objective is to have as many situations where police are involved be recorded in such a way that it can be utilised in confirming how the confrontation or lack thereof took place involving the police and citizens.

"It is a matter that is under way."

Police said Chaguanas CID officers were following up on reports of a robbery at a grocery on Freedom Street Extension, Enterprise, at around 6.15 pm when they were shot at.

They shot back, hitting Lendor, 37, and another man.

Newsday was unable to confirm the identity of the second man up to Wednesday afternoon.

Police took both men to the Chaguanas District Health Facility, where they were declared dead.

Police said a pistol was found at the scene.

Lendor's relatives have since rejected the police version of events and say he was unarmed.

All police-involved killings are investigated by a first division officer (an officer at the rank of assistant superintendent or above).


"PM: Police to get more body cameras"

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