Pleasantville man, 63, held for spitting on police, malicious damage

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- File photo

A 63-year-old Pleasantville man was arrested after he destroyed his friend's appliances and spat on police trying to arrest him on Tuesday night.

Police said the Southern Division Emergency Response Patrol (ERP) received a report of a commotion at a house in Gregera Lane, Pleasantville, at around 9.50 pm, where officers found the man pointing a cutlass at his 60-year-old friend and threatening to kill him.

They called on the man to drop the cutlass but he ran to the back of the house.

Police chased and cornered him and called on him again to drop the cutlass.

When they tried to handcuff him, he pulled away and spat in one officer's face.

Police eventually subdued the man.

They said he damaged two doors, a washing machine and a dryer at the house.

Sources said the man is expected to be charged with malicious damage, resisting arrest, assaulting a police officer, threatening to kill and failing to provide fingerprints.


"Pleasantville man, 63, held for spitting on police, malicious damage"

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