Boxing great Claude Noel dies

Boxing icon Claude Noel  - Photo by Roger Jacob
Boxing icon Claude Noel - Photo by Roger Jacob

Boxing great Claude Noel has died.

Reports are that he died on Sunday at the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex. He would have been 75 in July.

Noel, a Tobagonian, became the country's first lightweight world titleholder when he defeated Mexican El Gato Gonzales in 1981.

The following year, he received the Chaconia Gold Medal, and the Claude Noel Highway in Tobago was named after him.

Last year, a viral video of Noel circulated in which he was shown in distress. As a result, the Ministry of Social Development and Family Services said it would collaborate with the Ministry of Health to provide a prosthetic leg for Noel.

It also said Noel was a beneficiary of its special achievers’ grant and had been for a number of years, in addition to receiving the senior citizens’ pension.


"Boxing great Claude Noel dies"

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