Trini lawyer among King Charles III's recorders

UK base attorney Anand Beharrylal, KC. -
UK base attorney Anand Beharrylal, KC. -

Trinidad-born attorney Anand Beharrylal, KC, has been appointed one of 163 recorders of the UK’s Crown Court by King Charles III.

Beharrylal who practises in Trinidad and Tobago, the Caribbean and the United Kingdom is a barrister with 2 Bedford Row Chambers in London.

The United Kingdom’s Judiciary made the announcement on Thursday. The United Kingdom Judiciary said a recordership is often the first step on the judicial ladder to appointment to the circuit bench.

Recorders may sit in both Crown and County Courts, but most start by sitting in the Crown Court and are required to manage cases as well as to determine claims at trial.

They are appointed by the King on the recommendation of the Lord Chancellor and Lord Chief Justice. Appointments are for five years and are usually automatically extended by the Lord Chancellor for further successive terms of five years.

Beharrylal’s appointment takes effect on May 30.

He was appointed silk in 2018 by the late Queen Elizabeth II and was the first Trinidad and Tobago attorney to be made QC, as it was at the time, since 1976, when Trinidad and Tobago became a republic.

Beharrylal, 46, is the son of San Fernando attorney Reynold Beharrylal and the late Sham Ramasray-Beharrylal. His family hails from San Francique, Penal and Marabella and he is a past student of St Bendict's College, La Romaine.


"Trini lawyer among King Charles III’s recorders"

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