Camouflaged bandits rob San Juan Quikshoppe

File photo
File photo

Two men wearing what appeared to be full camouflage kits were among a group of bandits who robbed a Quikshoppe at a NP gas station in San Juan on Thursday night.

Police said a cashier at the store was at the counter at around 11.15 pm when masked bandits with guns walked in and demanded cash.

One of the bandits shot twice in the air before emptying the cash register, stealing $6,000 in cash.

Another bandit snatched the cashier's gold chain.

Police said the bandits tried to open a safe at the back of the store but were unsuccessful.

The bandits got into a white Nissan AD Wagon and drove off.

A video of the bandits escaping the store was recorded by a passer-by and circulated on social media.

San Juan police were called in and are viewing CCTV footage on the incident.

Section 219 of the Defence Force Act prohibits citizens from possessing or wearing attire resembling that of the Defence Force.

People convicted of wearing camouflage clothing can face a fine of $1,000 or imprisonment of up to 18 months.


"Camouflaged bandits rob San Juan Quikshoppe"

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