LATT: We did not discuss silk applicants with AG

Reginald Armour -
Reginald Armour -

THE Law Association (LATT) said in a statement on Tuesday that it had no consultations with Attorney General Reginald Armour, SC, on the merits of the attorneys who applied for the status of silk (Senior Counsel).

On Monday – after 17 attorneys, including the husband and brother of President Christine Kangaloo – received their appointments as SCs, Armour told reporters at President's House that the selection process had included consultations with the LATT.

Asked about it by Newsday, the AG said, “I consulted with the CJ before I made my recommendations to the PM. I also spoke to Mrs (Lynette) Seebaran-Suite as LATT president, who, to her credit, recused herself because she was one of the names under consideration.

"She passed that baton to other senior members of LATT with whom I had discussions. So the optics are that it is a process which involves more than just the PM who makes the recommendation to the President, and the optics serve to ensure a fair, transparent consultative process."

However, the association said on Tuesday that after Armour invited it to consult on the applications, a LATT sub-committee decided to discuss with him the setting-up of an independent committee, headed by Chief Justice Ivor Archie, to consider applications.

The LATT release said a nominee of the sub-committee communicated that position to Armour and asked for a meeting with Dr Rowley to discuss the establishment of the review committee.

But then, it said, "LATT was informed (in writing) by the Honourable Attorney General that the Honourable Prime Minister had declined the LATT’s request to meet."

As a result, LATT said it had had no discussions "whatsoever" with Armour on any applicant or the merits of any application for admission to the rank of Senior Counsel, as the AG said when he spoke with reporters on Monday at President's House.


"LATT: We did not discuss silk applicants with AG"

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