Tobago top cop tells youths: Be your own boss

ACP Collis Hazel -
ACP Collis Hazel -

Young men have been encouraged to start their own businesses and be their own boss by ACP Collis Hazel, the head of the Tobago Division.

“When you work for yourself, you call the shots. You are your own boss. Nobody comes to you and tell you anything. You know your own brand and you know your customers and you work towards it.”

Hazel gave this advice on Friday at the MPower TT’s MZone caravan as it rolled into the Cyd Gray Complex in Roxborough on Friday. The topic was education, employment and entrepreneurship.

MPower TT aims to give young men 18-40 opportunities to realise their potential, to achieve rewarding lives and become respected members of their communities and country. It also aims to enhance their social awareness, employability, education and quality of life, through positive interactions and meaningful dialogue with successful male role models.

Hazel told participants: “Your attitude would take you to your altitude.

Another presenter, Maxlon Roberts, told the participants their choices will impact whether or not they succeed.

“You can have, be or do anything you want in this life – you just decide to choose. Your perception dictates the reality you experience. The way you perceive stuff is what is going to push you forward as young men and you need to know that.”

He told them time was the most valuable commodity.

"The billionaire and the beggar both have 24 hours in one day, and it is what you do with that 24 hours that would determine whether you become successful as an entrepreneur or not. When you are ready to take that step, there is nothing that would prevent you from accomplishing your end result – success.”

Veterinarian Kern Johnson echoed Roberts.

“Strive to improve yourself, and there are some qualities that you should develop along the way. Qualities like being different, being creative, being honest.”

Quincy Trim, one of the speakers, told them: “Don’t call yourself a hustler, view yourself as a businessman, and then you would be respected as a businessman.”

Others who spoke were Marlon Callender, Jasper Joefield and Kasel Campbell.

Do not give up. Fail is your first attempt in learning,” said Callender.

Joefield said education is important.

“The last to be hired is someone without an education, and the first to be fired is someone who does not want an education.”

Campbell told the men when they feel like they aren’t going anywhere, they should remember Black Stalin’s song We can make it if we try.

He said, “Remember to try just a little bit harder – the sky is the limit, the moon is the limit, this universe is your limit.”

The caravan continued on Tuesday in Buccoo.


"Tobago top cop tells youths: Be your own boss"

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