10-year-old Aiden drives car sales up

In one year alone Aiden Maharaj has sold approximately 60 cars. - Angelo Marcelle
In one year alone Aiden Maharaj has sold approximately 60 cars. - Angelo Marcelle

AIDAN Maharaj is only ten, but he is on his way to making a name for himself in the automotive industry as one of the youngest car salesman in the country. Aidan has always had a fascination with cars, but it is his love for business that inspired him to find ways to make money. After two unsuccessful attempts to build businesses out of a lemonade stand at his Chaguanas home and then a YouTube channel, Slitheringaiden (stemming from his love for the anatomy of snakes and mystical dragon creatures), he managed to merge his people’s skills and video production ability to help out at his family’s local car dealership business.

Aiden Maharaj's car videos are posted on the Bess Motors Ltd Facebook and Instagram social media pages. - Angelo Marcelle

In one year alone he has sold approximately 60 cars. His first sale was a Toyota CH-R.

Aidan is witty, loves the colour green, and is madly in love with cricket. With his big smile and quick sense of humour he has captivated buyers. And when he's not dazzling customers with his charm, he can often be found on the cricket field honing his skills.

Aidan spoke to Newsday Kids at his customer service desk, at his father's Bess Motors Ltd in Montrose, Chaguanas and shared dreams of becoming a leader in the local business community.

Ten-year-old Aidan Mahraj's fascination with cars and his love for business inspired him to become a car salesman. - Angelo Marcelle

“I asked my dad if I could go outside to do a lemonade stand, but we never did that. So I started doing YouTube videos after that. And then my dad was like, ‘Okay, you like talking, you like to do these kinds of things. Why don't you sponsor the company?’ So I decided to sponsor the company by doing videos on the details of the cars.

“I first ask customers what type of vehicles they want – Honda, Lexus Toyota? If they see an option, let's just say Toyota, I would be like, 'do you want off-road or do you want something sleek and nice to drive on the road?'” He told Newsday Kids he helps customers choose cars that are not only luxurious, but is cost-effective and caters to their daily needs.

His videos are posted on the Bess Motors Ltd Facebook and Instagram social media pages.

Aiden Maharaj is the youngest car salesman in Trinidad and Tobago. - Angelo Marcelle

His father instilled in him a love for everything automotive which has led Aidan on the unique path. When he was six he would watch his dad at work, eventually leading to his first job as a car salesman.

Aidan said he is confident he has already taken the auto industry by storm in under a year.

“Customers come on Saturdays because that's when I'm available because I have school during the week. When customers come in I guide them through the cars that they want to buy.

“Before I liked robotics and stuff like that. But these days I think I'll be better off being a businessman selling cars because I realised the ability that I have in me to talk. So I decided that I wanted to be a businessman who sells cars at the dealership...I can have fun while doing business. Like how I do the videos and it's a good way to raise money.”

He’s given a commission on every car he sells and is paid for each video he produces.

Although he is so young, Aidan possesses a great knowledge of cars, and his enthusiasm for the industry has already won him accolades from regular and new customers. One day, he hopes to save enough to buy himself his favourite car – a Lamborghini Aventador.

Aidan’s father Ian Maharaj said he is impressed by his son’s discipline to keep his grades up while helping out at the car lot. He said Aidan, who is the eldest, has become a mentor to his younger sibling who also has a dream of following his in brother’s footsteps in the years to come.

Aidan advises children his age that “no matter what's in your path, just look to your goals and you’ll get it.”


"10-year-old Aiden drives car sales up"

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