Hinds reassures public fire service a priority

File photo: National Security Minister Fitzgerald Hinds.
File photo: National Security Minister Fitzgerald Hinds.

NATIONAL Security Minister Fitzgerald Hinds has reassured the Fire Service that his ministry is committed to resolving issues surrounding the lack of resources at several of its stations.

Following Hind's announcement last week of the arrival of fire tender which is expected to arrive in the country in three weeks, the minister reassured the public that his ministry is treating this matter with priority to ensure that the fire service has the equipment it requires.

In a release on Tuesday, the ministry said on March 2022, the Cabinet approved of $30.1 million under the Development Programme, for a fleet of vehicles.

The vehicles included three water tenders, one emergency tender, one ambulance and one chemical industrial tender, among other vehicles. The vehicles were to be assigned to the Mayaro, Penal and Pt Fortin Fire Stations.

The release, further explained that the Central Tenders Board, responsible for procuring the vehicles, also issued tenders inviting bids to supply equipment to serve the Penal and Pt Fortin Fire Stations.

It said the procurement process to get the equipment for these stations is at varying stages of progress.

It normally takes between 15 – 18 months, after an order is placed and a down payment is made, that equipment will be prepared to the required specifications of TT’s fire service.

Hinds said, “The Ministry is continuing to work with the Central Tenders Board and the Chief Fire Officer (CFO), Arnold Bristo, to ensure that equipment can be procured and delivered as quickly as possible. Bristo has confirmed to the ministry that there are currently five stations without water tenders and that these stations are supported by the other 21 stations nationwide.”

In the release, Bristo said he acknowledges and supports the ministry’s efforts to get the equipment the service needs, as fire officers face challenges with the increasing spate of bushfires, residential and commercial fires, and other incidents.

He said, “Water tenders and other vehicles are not items that can be purchased overnight and in fact some equipment was placed on order more than one year ago and we are awaiting delivery.”


"Hinds reassures public fire service a priority"

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