The importance of school recess

File photo of children playing. Photo by Ayanna Kinsale
File photo of children playing. Photo by Ayanna Kinsale

THE EDITOR: How important is recess? I am serious like a heart attack.

Everyone benefits from a break. It is more effective to integrate breaks into school work rather than work for long stretches.

For children, taking breaks for unstructured play are critical in increasing focus and attention. All children have the right to recess for play or otherwise. It is an essential part of their well-being.

Recess is a profoundly important part of the school day. It offers opportunities for all children to learn and enhance communication skills, negotiation, co-operation, sharing, problem-solving, perseverance, self-control, conflict resolution.

Recess offers social, emotional and physical benefits that are not always appreciated. It is vital for the health and development of children and should never be taken away as a punishment or for academic reasons.

Unstructured play is a developmentally appropriate means of stress reduction. Recess lets children exert energy in a healthy way. It allows children to be physically active.

Long ago when someone said their best subject is recess, people laughed. Who is laughing now?

You can discover and learn more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation. I kid you not.


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"The importance of school recess"

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