Man found dead near Usine pond identified

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The man found dead of gunshot wounds on the roadside opposite Usine pond, Ste Madeleine, before dawn on Thursday has been identified.

The victim, Nehemiah "Bolo" Sooklal, 26, was from Lightbourne Road in Gasparillo.

His relatives were baffled by his killing.

Sooklal’s sister Camalita Sooklal said police alerted the family to his death on Thursday at around 7.30 pm.

He had left home on Tuesday night, saying he was going to visit his girlfriend in Aranguez. When he did not return that day, the family was not worried, as it was common for him to spend nights out.

But on Wednesday, his girlfriend told his relatives he had left, saying he was returning south. All calls and messages to him went unanswered.

"She said she was worried, and I told her to give it until tonight, and we would call him," his sister said on Friday.

Sooklal was a driver for two farmers who buy goods in the area and sell in the wholesale market in Macoya.

She said he would rent a car and visit his girlfriend whenever he got free time.

Camalita described the crime rate as terrible.

Her aunt Judy Loutan, 68, said the news was unexpected.

Another of her nephews, Daniel Reagan Sooklal, 30, was shot dead while selling doubles in Marabella three years ago. The murdered cousins lived in separate houses on the same compound.

Loutan said Nehemiah Sooklal's death was "very shocking. He was good to other people in the community and me. He was very helpful."

"Fear is gripping everybody. We do not know who is next or when something would happen. The government has to do something about the crime, because it is too much. Sometimes people are in the right place at the wrong time."

In 2020, Daniel was selling doubles on Union Road in Marabella, with his wife and a female worker. A masked gunman held them up. They tried to run away, but the gunman shot and killed Daniel.

To date, no one has been charged with that murder.

Loutan commended the police for their efforts, saying, "They are trying. People do not have respect for the police as long ago."

Homicide Bureau of Investigations (Region III) officers are investigating.


"Man found dead near Usine pond identified"

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