Leaders must work together for sake of country

The Red House - File photo by Jeff K Mayers
The Red House - File photo by Jeff K Mayers

THE EDITOR: One of the greatest problems we are now experiencing is the inability of our leaders, mainly politicians, to work with each other. It seems to be below some of our politicians’ dignity to take a suggestion from the other side and say, “This is a good idea and we will go with it.” Some of them are letting pride affect the duty – at the expense of the population.

I say again that one of the biggest obstacles to the country’s progress is the behaviour and attitude of some of our leaders. This may be tough for some to accept, but facts are facts. A house divided cannot stand, but some of our politicians make it their business to keep this nation divided for their own selfish reasons.

How can anyone confess to love TT and care for the people and at any opportunity create division? I am calling on our leaders, mainly our politicians, the decision-makers, those who sit in Parliament, to learn what it is to work together, for the sake of the country. There is too much hate, bitterness, venom and anger being displayed at times.

The country needs answers to crime, poverty, school violence, inflation, unemployment, the pending increase of utility rates, and excessive flooding. These are the topics that must be consistently on the table. They are having a tremendous impact on the population.

I wait patiently to see change in the conduct of some of our leaders. Together we can make TT a better place for all.


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"Leaders must work together for sake of country"

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