CariFin Torch Relay begins 2 months of fitness activities

Central Bank's Owen Linton leads their team in the 2019 CariFin Torch Relay on Independence Square, Port of Spain. FILE PHOTO -
Central Bank's Owen Linton leads their team in the 2019 CariFin Torch Relay on Independence Square, Port of Spain. FILE PHOTO -

SEVEN teams will be competing in the CariFin Torch Relay on Saturday, to signal the start of the 2023 CariFin Games.

The Torch Relay takes off at 7am at the Central Bank Plaza, Port of Spain with teams from Central Bank, UTC, Scotiabank, RBL, Maritime, Sagicor, and JMMB.

Since its inception in 2004, the Torch Relay has been a hallmark event, attracting attention and excitement from participating financial institutions. The event serves as a platform to raise awareness about the CariFin Games, while also fostering unity and dialogue among sector leaders.

In a press release, CariFin Games organisers said, "As we look forward to the event, we are reminded of the significant value that the Torch Relay and the subsequent CariFin Games bring to the sector.

"The event fosters a sense of community and spirit of competition that can drive innovation and growth, while also promoting physical and emotional well-being. The Torch Relay is a unique opportunity to bring the sector leaders together, not only to showcase their institutions but to learn from one another, to build relationships, and to create a more vibrant and connected community. We encourage all institutions to participate in the Torch Relay and the CariFin Games to reap the benefits of this iconic event."

To enhance the competitiveness of the event, organisers have retained the points system that rewards teams based on their participation levels. Teams that bring out 50 or more participants are awarded 30 points, 30 to 50 participants – 20 points, and under 30 participants – ten points.

Teas will also be judged on their ability to bring out senior managerial executives, as well as Mr and Ms CariFin participants. Teams are also judged on uniformity and energy, earning up to 20 points for their responsiveness to the emcee's calls.

Teams can earn an extra ten points for returning to the Central Bank at the end of the relay.

CariFin Games started in 1991 and its main objective is the promotion of health and fitness in the workplace within the financial services sector of the Caribbean. There is a two-month-long programme of activities that climaxes with the Family Day and cross country events on June 11, 2013 at the Queen’s Park Savannah, Port of Spain.


"CariFin Torch Relay begins 2 months of fitness activities"

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