Blasé Vanguard joins Jus Now: A 'rewarding' experience

Blasé Vanguard  - Michael Forest
Blasé Vanguard - Michael Forest

AS Jus Now – a team of producers who created soca hits like Big Bad Soca and Truck on D Road by Bunji Garlin and Junction by Machel Montano – moves to become a collective, it has welcomed its newest member Tyronn "Blasé Vanguard" Wilson. To him, it has been a rewarding experience.

Wilson is the second Trinidad and Tobago national in the group alongside founding member, TT's Keshav Chandradath Singh, Jerome "Serocee" Thompson of Jamaica and Sam Interface of the UK.

Wilson, a DJ, producer and artiste, has been making music since he was 16.

The 30-year-old told Newsday that it was Wendell Manwarren of local, iconic rapso group 3canal who introduced him to Chandradath Singh around 2015.

"He basically made everything happen.

"He told Keshav about me while he (Keshav) was in TT and then we linked up in London and nothing was the same."

Wilson said he loved how his fellow countryman connects "what we do with the rest of the world.

"That was a major point of interest to me because I wanted to do the same thing, you know? Link up with like-minded people."

He describes his sound as "a trailblaze of positive Caribbean expression, creativity and attitude with all-inclusive sound."

Blasé Vanguard - Jason Audain

Jus Now also does live music sets and deejaying in addition to producing. The group has worked with several TT artistes, as well as regional and international ones like Busy Signal, Stylo G, among others.

They went on to work on music together, including 3canal's 2017 tune Dutty Angels – a celebration of the 20th anniversary of their legendary song Blue.

But it was during the height of the covid19 pandemic discussions began surrounding Wilson joining the team.

"I was already around them so much (that) they were like family to me," he recalled.

He officially joined the collective in 2022 and said it has been a great experience thus far, adding that, "Having people believe in what I do is really validating and cool. I don't take it for granted.

"I definitely believe in what I could bring to what they do, and everything feels so natural."

It was also that year he composed and produced 3canal's Hold On.

He said he is excited to see just how far they can push the cultures of the Caribbean especially because "there's so much range in what we do."

"We take the music of very talented local artistes and play it for international ears."

Wilson has performed in countries including the UK, the Netherlands, Germany, Italy and Spain.

Chandradath Singh told Newsday they are "opening the vibes a bit more" when it comes to expanding what was once a duo to become a collective.

He praised Wilson for his talent and the flair he adds to their music.

And Thompson told Newsday it has been awesome seeing Wilson's skills develop over the years.

"It is amazing to have him. He is where he belongs," Thompson said.

Wilson and Chandradath Singh also worked on the Leggo Beast riddim for 2023 J'Ouvert celebrations, which also featured Wilson performing as an artiste on Come Out Fuh Dem.


"Blasé Vanguard joins Jus Now: A ‘rewarding’ experience"

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