Wonderful classical music at Dance Tan Tan

Dr Roger Henry in rehearsal with the National Philharmonic Orchestra. -
Dr Roger Henry in rehearsal with the National Philharmonic Orchestra. -

THE EDITOR: On Sunday Queen’s Hall was full of wonderful classical music from our very own National Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Dr Roger Henry.

The cast of Dance Tan Tan, A Symphony Concert, consisted of the orchestra's musicians, UTT percussionists, the National Steel Symphony Orchestra musicians on tenor, double second, double tenor, guitar, cello and bass.

The young musicians entertained the audience with Symphony No 4 in A Major Opus 90 Italian; The Fog, a Machel Montano composition, in classical style; Alone Together; Symphony No 2 in E Flat Major; and Dance Tan Tan, composed by Henry himself.

What an evening of wonderful classical music. Thank you, Dr Henry.

It was a pleasure to see the stage so full of vibrant young musicians who played very beautiful classical music. However, there weren't many young people in the audience.

They need to come out the next time and listen to this music, it will certainly make them feel very different and they will surely understand the meaning of classical music on the steelpan.

Henry gave the audience an explanation, so I urge them to attend his next concert to hear the explanation as to the pan and classical sounds. It will make them rock back and think.

Congratulations again, Dr Henry, and thanks for the music. Thanks also to the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and the Arts. Keep up the good work.

To the folks who got free tickets but did not attend the concert, your seats remained unoccupied with the “reserved” sign throughout the concert. (My posse of six women wanted to sit there.)

Next time you can pass on the tickets to your neighbours, friends or family. This also happens at NAPA – unoccupied seats labelled “reserved” throughout the show. Please respect our culture.


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"Wonderful classical music at Dance Tan Tan"

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