Disrespect started with Govt, not UNC

President Christine Kangaloo - Ayanna Kinsale
President Christine Kangaloo - Ayanna Kinsale

THE EDITOR: The recent absence of the Opposition at the inauguration of the President has brought a barrage of criticism in the media, ranging from disrespect to contempt. While I hold no brief for the UNC, it is clear that those who seek to condemn this action by the Opposition has chosen a narrow view.

While we would prefer to have a perfect showing of unity, especially at this level, we must take care as to who we try to blame for the division within our society and not try to plaster a burgeoning sore that is festering at our social psyche.

The truth is that this President, as much as you want to spin this story, brings with her heavy, uncomfortable baggage that simply cannot be ignored, especially at this time. She has been openly and for a long time politically aligned with the PNM, both personally as well as by association. It's not as if she dipped her toes in the political well. She, in fact, she is fully baptised in the "balizay juice."

Notwithstanding her election was done within the instruction of the law, that in itself does not make it proper to have her election just accepted without question. Not because it can be done means it should have been done. In fact, it should come as no surprise that many are uncomfortable with her position, and with good reason.

We live in very curious times, dangerous even, where we see those in high office act with scandalous mannerisms, flout the laws, offer weak exudes, brush aside facts and yet still enjoy the power and perks of their positions. This can be a result of an apathetic populace or, as I believe, a feckless misguided Opposition that unrepentantly fails to hold the Government to the required standard that is needed for development.

The true disrespect shown to the Office of the President is not the Opposition's boycott, but those who chose to shove her down the throat of the nation
sans lube.

All can agree we are not in the best place in this country to invite any more unnecessary drama, and here was an opportunity to really extend a genuine olive branch to a bleeding nation and promote someone with less controversy. I certainly believe that person can be found within our borders.

So, while there are those who want to gain political points by whipping an already starved horse, the disrespect that people are bawling over really started with the Government that chose to push forward its choice fully cognisant of who she is and her history.




"Disrespect started with Govt, not UNC"

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