Gran Couva gunman steals cellphones, demands passwords

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A gunman not only robbed three people of their cellphones while they were playing Scrabble in Gran Couva on Sunday afternoon, but also ordered them to write down their passwords so he could access the devices.

The gunman also robbed one of the victims of a costume jewellery chain worth $20 and other personal valuables.

The victims were a 25-year-old woman and two men, both 20.

A report said at around midday on Sunday, the three were playing Scrabble in an unfinished concrete structure near their homes.

A man whose head and face were covered with a jersey walked up to them, pointed a gun at them, and announced a robbery.

He snatched the silver-coloured costume jewellery chain worth $20 from the neck of one of the victims. He also demanded their cellphones and other valuables.

The three each handed over a cell phone, together worth $8,050.

Before leaving in a white Nissan Tiida car, the gunman told them to write their passwords on a piece of paper.

They made a report of robbery with aggravation to Gran Couva police, and acting Cpl Bhall and WPC Hernandez-Cobbler responded.

They interviewed several people, gathered evidence and searched the area for the suspect.

He remained at large up to Monday.

Hernandez-Cobbler is leading investigations.


"Gran Couva gunman steals cellphones, demands passwords"

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