Two gunshots during struggle between UNC activist, soldier

Police on a crime scene - File photo
Police on a crime scene - File photo

A UNC activist reportedly fired two shots in self-defence during an altercation with a soldier on Thursday at his Champs Fleurs home.

According to a police report, the activist and a soldier were arguing at the activist’s home around 9 pm when they started to scuffle.

During the struggle two shots were fired from the activist’s legal pistol.

The two men told different stories as to what led up to the struggle, police said.

According to the police, the 47-year-old activist said when he arrived home he got into an argument with the soldier and another person living at the residence. He claimed the soldier ran to the kitchen, got a knife and ran towards him. They struggled and the soldier dropped the knife. The activist claimed the soldier tried to grab his gun when it went off twice.

Police said the soldier, 37, said he was staying at the activist’s house and claimed when he opened the front door for the activist they began to argue. The soldier claimed the activist drew the gun from his waist and told him to leave his home immediately.

The soldier claimed the activist pointed the gun at the ceiling and fired a shot. The soldier said he held on to the activist’s wrist and they began to struggle when another shot was discharged.

Police from the Northern Division responded to reports of gunfire and foundd two spent 9mm shells. They also confiscated the gun, two magazines, 44 rounds of 9mm ammunition, and the activist's firearm user's licence pending further enquires.


"Two gunshots during struggle between UNC activist, soldier"

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