NIB Tobago office closed till month-end


The National Insurance Board (NIB) office in Tobago will remain closed until March 31.

Earlier this week, several customers complained that they had visited the office to do business but were turned away, with no reason given.

When Newsday visited on Friday, there was a notice on the door saying the office will remain closed until next Friday, adding that the temporary closure is to allow remedial work.

It added that customers can contact NIBTT directly, as well as continue to visit its social media platforms for further updates.

It also said contribution payments can be made using the online payment facility,and management regrets any inconvenience caused by the temporary closure.

Manager of corporate communications Tricia Clarke confirmed this.

Speaking with Newsday, a source at the company said that the building had become mould-infested. The source, speaking on the condition of anonymity, said staff have been complaining.

“Initially, they tried to scrape it and scrub with (bleach, but) people started to get sick. Staff refused to work as a result, as it began to spread to the AC units and circulate.”

The source said a report had been made to the Occupational Safety and Health Agency (OSHA).


"NIB Tobago office closed till month-end"

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