PM: Joining Mexican appeal not costing Trinidad and Tobago money yet

Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley -
Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley -

The Prime Minister said at this time TT’s association with the Mexican government in an appeal over the failed lawsuit involving gun manufacturers in the US is solely through diplomatic channels.

He was responding to a question from Oropouche East MP Dr Roodal Moonilal in the House on Friday.

On March 9 at a PNM political meeting in Barataria, Dr Rowley said TT is considering joining Mexico in taking legal action against American gun manufacturers for firearm related offences in their respective countries.

Moonilal asked how much the association with the Mexican government was costing TT.

Rowley said, “TT’s association with the Mexicans in pursuing this matter at this time has no cost attached to it. It’s more of a diplomatic attachment where we are supporting Mexico’s actions in the US courts. As a sovereign nation, we are making our voices heard, and we are standing alongside another sovereign nation that is having the same problem we have, and it is to our benefit that Mexico is doing this, because we all have the same problem. I don’t know if in the future we will be required to make contributions, but at this time we are not required to.”

Moonilal asked the PM to identify what lawyer or law firm was representing TT. The PM said there is no lawyer representing TT at this time, as the matter was being carried out through diplomatic channels.

Moonilal asked the PM to confirm whether he didn’t know the cost or the lawyer representing TT in the US appeal court, to which Rowley responded,

“I have said in English that our association with this matter is largely diplomatic, supporting Mexico who is leading with a matter which is in appeal. Therefore, I don’t know what difficulty the member is having with money and lawyer, it does not arise at this time.

“The matter is being dealt with through our foreign ministry as a diplomatic matter, providing diplomatic support, and if it comes to a time where we have to make other adjustments, then so be it, but at this point in time our association is not requiring a lawyer and is not carrying a cost.”


"PM: Joining Mexican appeal not costing Trinidad and Tobago money yet"

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