People pray, but greed, racism, sexism continue

The Holy Virgin Mary divine statue with praying hands faces the garden. - ROGER JACOB
The Holy Virgin Mary divine statue with praying hands faces the garden. - ROGER JACOB

THE EDITOR: Many are calling for prayers for the nation as if this is something new. From the beginning of time people have been praying. All religions have done so, but greed, racism and the ill treatment of women have continued.

Greed led Europeans to invade Africa and other places. They claimed they were giving Christianity to these depressed people, but it was for the wealth that these countries possessed.

In Africa they called the natives savages and cannibals. Up to this day there is no evidence of this, although evidence of cannibalism has been found among European peoples. In fact, mention of this is made in their fairy tales.

I knew someone who was a reporter for Marcus Garvey's newspaper during the Italian invasion of Ethiopia and who was gassed. That person told me that "Europeans took the wealth and left the Bible." This was evident then, especially in the Belgian Congo, and still is now.

They never developed the lands partitioned to various European countries after the rape of Africa, so we see greed has and is the mantra of those in authority. And yet the various European churches are silent, although greed is mentioned as one of the deadly sins in the Bible.

Racism is the direct result of Europeans looking down on people of a darker hue. From 1619 to now, Europeans have been doing their darnedest to keep Africans down, especially in the US, and even resorting to killings. And the great European churches are silent.

I told the editors of one of their magazines that if this is so then he is prejudiced since no father will treat his children in this fashion

For many years in various countries women have been treated horribly, even to being killed, and yet the church is silent. Until the various European churches begin to open their voices, greed, racism and sexism will continue and the problems of the world will remain, for no amount of people calling for prayer will change anything as they will be praying for the wrong thing.

Greed, racism and sexism have to stop.

All man came from a female so they must be respected and honoured.


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"People pray, but greed, racism, sexism continue"

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