Inefficient Caribbean Airlines does it again


THE EDITOR: After my letter last month on the inefficient running of Caribbean Airlines Ltd (CAL), I was contacted by a manager in the Customer Relations Department. We had a very cordial conversation on the planning for my trip, which was the initial reason for my letter.

After that I thought that satisfying the travelling public would have been high on the list of priorities of the airline. My group then started booking flights to another Caribbean country for October-November and was doing so early with the airfare being very affordable for a group of retirees.

Lo and behold, the very day that we started booking, the airfare went up more than 100 per cent. Remember these bookings are for October-November. What makes it even more ridiculous is that the departing flight from Trinidad remained at the old rate but the return was escalated threefold.

The airline saw it fit to have flights on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, but there was only one return flight the next Sunday and this caused the rise in the airfare. If you are transporting four planeloads of passengers, how many planeloads do you expect to return?

CAL is inefficiently run and the people running it are blatantly incompetent and this is causing suffering to the travelling public. My voice is one in 10,000 since I have seen other people monitoring CAL. I even saw the Prime Minister of Grenada complain at a forum in Trinidad on the costly travel between the islands.

Can someone in position with any brain assist in getting CAL running efficiently? Please do not refer this to the minister in charge of transport.


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"Inefficient Caribbean Airlines does it again"

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