Grande couple arrested, charged over fake receipt for house

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A SANGRE Grande couple were arrested and charged after they presented a forged receipt for a house they claimed to own last year.

Police said the couple was renting the house in Northeastern Settlement last year but began to miss payments.

When a bailiff visited the house to evict them, the man showed the bailiff a receipt and claimed to have bought the house for $120,000 from the owner.

The owner reported this to the police and officers of the Sangre Grande police station and the Eastern Division Task Force visited the house last Wednesday night and arrested the couple.

Officers of the Fraud Squad were called in and began their enquiry which revealed that the house's rightful owner did not sell the property.

The man and his wife were jointly charged for uttering a forged document. They appeared before a Sangre Grande magistrate on Monday and granted bail with surety.


"Grande couple arrested, charged over fake receipt for house"

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