Josiah aims for Carifta triathlon, aquathlon championships

Josiah Alexander rains with multiple clubs in an effort to improve as an athlete. -
Josiah Alexander rains with multiple clubs in an effort to improve as an athlete. -

JOSIAH Alexander has a hunger to compete and win. When faced with a challenge during a race, the tri-athlete will dust himself off and try his best to overcome it. He wants to represent Trinidad and Tobago again, with the main focus being in the 2023 Carifta triathlon and aquathlon championships.

Alexander, 12, has already flown the TT flag as he participated at the Carifta Games last year.

He competes at swim meets and runs in 5K events which will help his progress in triathlons, duathlons and aquathlons. In a triathlon an athlete is required to swim, ride and run, and ride and run in a duathlon. In an aquathlon, participants must swim and run.

Josiah Alexander fell off a bicycle in an event before, but he showed his toughness by getting up and winning his age group. -

The St Francis Boys' College form one student trains with multiple clubs in an effort to improve as an athlete. He swims with Marlins Swimming Club and he does riding and running with Raiders Multisport.

“Swimming is my strongest event in triathlon. Running is my weakest area and I have been working on it,” Alexander told Newsday Kids.

Alexander appreciates the talent of athletes in other sports. “My favourite athlete is Cristiano Ronaldo because to me he is the greatest footballer in the world.”

Despite being a promising athlete he has faced adversity during races, but he does not give up.

“My most memorable moment is at the 2022 Rainbow Cup in Tobago when I fell off my bike and it slid across the road right before the transition area…I (still) won my age category which gave me the opportunity to represent my country at Carifta.”

The Rainbow Cup is an annual event held in Tobago which also serves as a qualification meet for the Carifta Games. Dozens of athletes from Trinidad travel across to compete against Tobago’s best and competitors from around the world.

Josiah Alexander gives it his all during an event. -

Like many tri-athletes, Alexander runs with a watch in an effort to keep track of his progress and fulfil his potential.

“My desire to win keeps me motivated when I don’t perform as expected.”

Alexander is still learning and he is not afraid to get advice from his more experienced team-mates before a major event and get support from his parents Janelle and Joshua.

“I talk excessively to my team-mates before the races. That helps calm my nerves. Before races, I talk to my parents and I listen to music.”

Josiah Alexander stays hydrated after an event. -

The winds were strong during the 2022 Carifta Triathlon and Aquathlon Championships in Bermuda. Alexander got advice on how to cope.

“I got advice on how to position myself on my bike in Bermuda because of the strong breeze. Also encouraging words like keep focus and do my best.”

Speaking about this year’s Carifta Games in August, Alexander said, “Carifta Games is in August. I am currently training very hard to qualify for the event."


"Josiah aims for Carifta triathlon, aquathlon championships"

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