Complete the negotiations with Patriotic

Prime Minister Dr Rowley - Angelo Marcelle
Prime Minister Dr Rowley - Angelo Marcelle

THE EDITOR: National ownership was a main objective expressed by Guyana’s Minister of National Resources Vickram Bharrat. He said TT’s mothball refinery in Pointe-a-Pierre does not fit into Guyana’s plans for its energy future.

In a News Room Guyana interview, following a panel discussion at the recent International Energy Conference and Expo in Guyana, he said: “We’re looking to build our own refinery in country.”

This statement was made after Prime Minister Rowley’s opening address on February 14. Dr Rowley reiterated that in TT there is an oil refinery that remains available for regional countries to look at.

Bharrat said “we are trying to ensure that we are self-sufficient, in terms of energy, so that’s why we are moving towards setting up the refinery in the country.”

He indicated also that even though his country is scheduled to begin construction of its oil refinery in 2023, “they are not completely closing the door on a possible collaboration with TT about refining crude oil."

Since Guyana is now thinking about a venture in refining oil with TT to support its country’s mandate for economic development in the future, the Pointe-a-Pierre refinery must become operationalised now, in 2023.

Furthermore, there is a strong relationship between Guyana and TT on a trade union and governmental level. Therefore the proposed energy collaboration is very practicable and beneficial for both countries rooted in regionalisation and energy security.

Praise should be given to Bharrat for proposing such a monumental venture. Therefore, there needs to be a positive declaration from Rowley, Finance Minister Colm Imbert, Energy Minister Stuart Young and the Cabinet-appointed evaluation team to dynamically reawaken and complete the negotiations with Patriotic for its acquisition of the oil refinery.

National ownership is reasonably achievable on productive terms. This will be another significant development in becoming self-sufficient for the nation and the Government. TT has the experience and the expertise with over 100 years in energy affairs. The refinery is indeed an ideal option for TT.


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"Complete the negotiations with Patriotic"

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