We need best leaders for Trinidad and Tobago

THE EDITOR: As TT battles strong economic headwinds, wholesale escalation of poverty, along with shattering levels of criminality and a severely challenged environment, which includes atrocious road conditions, we need the best political, business and religious leaders to help get our beloved nation back on the road to prosperity for all.

Of course, the best leaders are generally known for their ability to innovate, focus on people development, inspire trust, have a long-term perspective, challenge the status quo when necessary, and always do the right thing even when nobody is looking.

In addition, and most importantly, a truly effective leader does so by example and this must include his personal deportment. He/she must never use obscene language, circulate wild innuendo or gossip, or speak in hateful language about his/her political opponents.

Currently, at the highest levels of both main political parties there seems to be a competition to see who can vocalise the most vitriolic forms of pre-packaged hate that is draining the country’s central nervous system of empathy and compassion, as supporters on either side mimic their leaders' behaviour to the detriment of us all.




"We need best leaders for Trinidad and Tobago"

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