Rebranding the politician

Lennox Francis -
Lennox Francis -

THE EDITOR: From one end of the planet to the next people are unhappy. The potential source of discontent, the ever present politician. They are as universal like the sun and the air.

The politician is like a fisherman. When the latter catches a “big fish” he goes to the public and offers it for sale so that it can be devoured. When a politician sets out to catch a “big fish” and succeeds, he releases it back into the ocean so that it can continue to terrorise other sea creatures.

We need politicians who say what they mean and mean what they say.

Politicians promise you the moon and the stars. Citizens realise the failure when the moon appears in the usual position in the heavens but the people continue to see stars in every nook and cranny on the planet.

Today’s politicians need to own up to their promises and stop hiding behind natural disasters and man-made economic downturns.

I have never known politicians to lock up each other even though they know the criminal elements and the activities they perpetrate. They always have all the facts when not in office. These delinquent creatures are never exposed for they might be friends, family, foe or even parliamentarians.

For some mysterious reason the so-called facts appear to be fiction in a courtroom environment and cannot stand scrutiny in the judicial system.

The new-age politician needs to be true to self and should never have to ask the question: “To be or not to be?”

All politicians are friends but some pose as government and others as opposition. The all toast and sip the wine of astonishment before they team up to wreak havoc on the population like a deadly hurricane or earthquake.

In this 21st century, the politician can simply help the masses acquire food, clothing and shelter and ignore all the contrived economic wants and measurements to determine success.

Politicians of the dinosaur age thought they were God-sent. They assumed that their lives were “all right” and have earned a front seat in the hereafter. Salvation is for the citizens who must be hammered into shape, moulded and groomed to fit the Creator’s plan.

The new politician must admit that we are all in this together and that there is no chosen people.

Words are wind, the philosophy of the politician supported by the forgetfulness of the people they manage. So misinformation, missteps and misspeaking are all part of the package they offer.

The words of the politician are written in stone and cannot be erased even if they were intended to deceive.

Politicians of old cannot resist the temptation to mismanage the public purse. Though they may not steal they are too liberal in paying fees and giving contracts.

We envisage a politician who will find joy in hearing “well done good and faithful servant, enter the joy of the Lord.”

The ole-time politicians do not comply with laws, much more casual requests. They do not declare their income, assets and liabilities and allow the financial reports of state-run institutions to be filed five, ten and even 15 years late. They avoid their responsibilities and escape accountability with impunity.

The world longs for politicians who have high ethical standards and cherish integrity.

The words “I do not know or have an honest response” do not appear in the vocabulary of today’s politician. Instead they buy time with probes, investigations and commissions of enquiry to devise cock-and-bull stories to mesmerise the public.

Unimaginable suggestions come out of the mouths of these influencers who prefer to speak and let people know that they are dumb than remain silent.

Ole-time politicians may have poker faces but they do not know when to run or stand up. They will reach the highest level of incompetence and still do not know when to quit. They might have been soldered into position by political patronage and can only be dislodged by a disgusted population.

Life on Earth without politicians will be monotonous. Life in Heaven will be blissful since nothing defiled will be allowed to enter.


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"Rebranding the politician"

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