Promises of everything for Tobago vote?

Watson Duke - David Reid
Watson Duke - David Reid

THE EDITOR: The problem for Tobago is getting a lot more money from Trinidad. Some 60,000 citizens expecting to get a couple billion dollars more in expenditure? Could be difficult.

It is not as if Trinidadians or a PNM government does not care. It is a fact of life that there are 1.4 million other citizens needing to be equally considered.

It will always come back to haunt Tobagonians that a significant business opportunity was missed when Tobago people allowed the Sandals franchise to walk away. Too late for "should have," "could have." Who advised them to say no?

There is a general election due in 2025. The PNM and the UNC will both want the Tobago East and Tobago West seats.

The PDP, owned by Tobagonian Watson Solomon Duke, will also be fighting for Tobago.

The question is: How much more can the PNM afford to forward yearly to the coffers of the Tobago House of Assembly?

How can the opposition UNC entice Tobagonians to vote for them? Promise them anything they ask for? Regardless of how absurd?

There is the possibility of another THA election before 2025. All contenders will have to make promises that will make Tobagonian economists and the business elite salivate.

It is particularly important that the UNC should/would promise Tobagonians practically anything and everything. The UNC will need every single seat it can purchase.

Can the PDP win another election in Tobago? Can Duke stand and deliver on promises?

In this global financial gauva season, with both covid19 and the war in Ukraine still very much alive, all political promises will be in brown paper bags.

Financial Santa Claus only visits TT at Carnival time to say, "I come for the fete. I come for the fete."


Diego Martin


"Promises of everything for Tobago vote?"

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