Second victim in Friday's double Claxton Bay homicide identified

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The second victim in Friday's double murder at Caratal Road, Macaulay, in Claxton Bay, has been identified.

The police named him as Anthony John of Maiden Street in Gasparillo.

John, 25, and Kervin Williams, 39, an ex-murder accused, were gunned down in a car on Friday evening

Williams' body was found in the driver's seat. John's body was in the front passenger seat, and the two back doors were open.

In June 2022, Williams and four others also charged with the 2005 kidnapping and murder of San Juan businesswoman Samdaye Rampersad were released from jail.

Williams, 39, of Diamond Village in Claxton Bay, became the third of the five to be shot dead within months.

On February 26, Roger Mootoo, 42, also known as Roger Ravello, was gunned down at his home in St Margaret's Village, Claxton Bay.

Five months earlier, on September 10, co-accused Phillip "The Boss" Boodram and two other men were killed in a police shootout at Esperanza in Couva.

Williams, Phillip and Mootoo, together with Ricky Singh and Aaron "Arc Eye" Grappie, were convicted of manslaughter and sentenced to 28 years in prison.

On June 30, 2022, the Appeal Court upheld an appeal by Boodram, on behalf of the men, over their manslaughter convictions.

They were released after spending 17 years in prison.


"Second victim in Friday’s double Claxton Bay homicide identified"

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