Carnival dwindles in the east

A Jake Jumbies masquerader pours paint on a friend during 
J'Overt celebrations in Arima.
Photo by Angelo Marcelle
A Jake Jumbies masquerader pours paint on a friend during J'Overt celebrations in Arima. Photo by Angelo Marcelle

While masqueraders and observers in Port of Spain and San Fernando had much to see on Carnival Sunday and for J'Ouvert on Monday morning, celebrations in Arima, Arouca and Valencia left much to be desired

In Arima on Sunday afternoon, only five bands were registered to cross the main judging point at the bus lay-by. Two of the three bands were unnamed in the junior individual category with Joki One registering five of the seven costumes.

The unnamed bands portrayed fancy clowns and burriquitas. Joki One bandleader, Walda Waithe, also entered with Wu Long (Chinese Dragon Dancer ) in the junior king category.

The poor representation by bands left many Arimians feeling disappointed, but not surprised. When asked how they felt about Carnival in the borough, the cry was the same for most. "Arima Carnival gone through."

Arouca seemed to have a little more life, but activities were focussed mainly in one area on the Eastern Main Road. A truck spraying water into the air was enjoyed by many while they watched the periodic trickle of children masqueraders crossing the stage.

The main judging point in Arima looked lifeless for most of Sunday and Monday morning. -

On Monday morning, Arima, once the epicentre of J'Ouvert in the east, appeared to be on life support. There were less bands participating. Police and Defence Force officers outnumbered masqueraders.

The same was the scene in Valencia with only a handful of spectators looking on. It was no different in Arouca on Monday.

However, Brazil Village showed more life as scores of spectators and masqueraders fought through heavy traffic to get to the main venue.

Over in Tunapuna, there was also a large crowd along the Eastern Main Road, from Tacarigua junction to the Tunapuna police station. Hundreds lined the streets to catch a glimpse of the participating large bands which preferred coloured water to oil paint.

On Monday night, several bands were expected to participate in Monday night mas, including Fish and Friends, Mas Men Committee Group, Bismark Promotions, Mt. Pleasant Mas Committee, Krave Mas Band, Arkadians Sports Club, Hard Har Crew and Dj Runaway Drunken Sailors.

Women enjoy the music during Tunapuna's J'Ouvert celebrations. -


"Carnival dwindles in the east"

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