Christian-folk singer releases Valentine's Day single

Singer and songwriter Candace Coker. -
Singer and songwriter Candace Coker. -

San Fernando-born Christian-folk singer and songwriter Candace Coker has surprised her fans with a Valentine’s Day release of her latest single, Hemorrhage. This release preceded her full-length studio album, Bare and Bones, which was digitally released on February 17 on streaming channels.

Coker said, "Hemorrhage is one of my favourites off of the record. It is a sweet and vulnerable reflection on the journey of a loving relationship through time. We're all such flawed humans and sometimes love can feel really challenging and messy.

"I wrote this song originally in 2015 while processing some of my own fears of love and marriage with God. I wrote this as an act of faith almost, as an ode to my future person and a promise that I'm willing to push through the fears and power struggles that often mark early relationships because I have hope for what could be on the other side of that perseverance: intimacy, synergy, acceptance and love that lasts."

Coker has been writing since the age of ten. She began her professional career in 2018 after winning the Anza Live Community Showcase in Vancouver, Canada. Since then she has released nine singles and performed at many venues in Canada. She has collaborated with award-winning Canadian composer Daryl Bennett on works for TV and film, including co-writing and performing What is Man for the Bisping documentary; Go, the title track for the I Am Paul Walker documentary; and several other Canadian Broadcasting Corporation projects and short films. She has also contributed as a vocalist on episodes one and two of the CW series, The Murders and was a finalist in the folk singer/songwriter category of the 2020 International Songwriting Competition. She was also part of the all-female showcase Femcore 2022 tour in Trinidad. Over the last five years Coker has built a large audience with over 20,000 listeners on Spotify.

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"Christian-folk singer releases Valentine’s Day single"

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