We have no voice

Stock image source: pxhere.com
Stock image source: pxhere.com

THE EDITOR: When a group of neighbours, citizens or students wish to make a change in their community with help from their representatives, where do they go? How do we make our voices heard?

There’s no consistent public forum for citizens to talk to our representatives on a regular basis. No place to advocate for more parks and trees, safer streets or simply better signage. No place to give public input on public and private developments that affect our quality of life.

For example, in a community Facebook group there was a consensus that there was a lack of parks to simply take a stroll or for schoolchildren to play and adults to relax. There were suggestions of possible locations and what they’d like the park to be, but we soon realised we had no voice outside of Facebook and Twitter. No one knew how to make this a reality or with whom we should discuss this issue with.

Which is why we need scheduled community/town halls meetings with community decision-makers on a quarterly or bimonthly basis.

We deserve a place where we can give input on what happens in our community.


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"We have no voice"

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