Stock Exchange: Use our eStatement platform

Eva Mitchell, CEO of the TT Stock Exchange and its subsidiary, the TT Central Depository Ltd. File Photo
Eva Mitchell, CEO of the TT Stock Exchange and its subsidiary, the TT Central Depository Ltd. File Photo

THE Stock Exchange (TTSE) is calling on all market participants utilise its eStatement Platform that is available via the website: .

The TTSE is the first stock exchange in the English-Speaking Caribbean to provide eStatement functionality to market participants, and is doing so as part of its commitment to maintaining investor confidence and a continuation of the digital evolution.

This platform, the TTSE said in a press release on Tuesday, is a web-based solution that allows registered customers and companies to generate and view electronic statements, giving market participants the benefit of viewing their full local stock portfolio of securities owned via purchases on the TTSE, in an easy to use online interface.

"We further urge all market participants to review the eStatement activity of your local stock portfolio against your stockbroker statement ensuring that all balances and transactions are accurate and reconciled. Through consistent engagement of this process, you gain an additional level of financial comfort and security," the TTSE said.

The eStatement platform works alongside the exchange's online trading platform, TOP, which is available to eligible investors 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

An investor with a TOP account can view real time movements in their portfolio and the stock market, as well as manage multiple trading accounts via the platform. TOP allows users to potentially buy and sell any security listed on the TTSE under the categories of stocks and mutual funds.

The exchange urged market participants to contact their stockbroker to find out more about TOP.

The TTSE facilitates the buying and selling of securities, providing a medium for companies to raise capital and is responsible for developing rules and guidelines for the operations of the local stock market with a focus on operational resilience and maintaining orderly markets.

The TTSE facilitates the efficient mobilisation and allocation of capital, fair and orderly secondary market trading in securities and the efficient clearing and settlement of transactions within a dynamic legal and regulatory framework that instills confidence in the integrity of the Exchange and related institutions.

Its chairman is Ian Narine and its chief executive officer is Eva Mitchell.


"Stock Exchange: Use our eStatement platform"

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