Live entertainment comes to Beach House

Patrons at beach house. Image source: Beach House
Patrons at beach house. Image source: Beach House

Anson George, part of the team hosting the Beach House fete is promising a premium all-inclusive experience for the popular event.

“We’re increasing the premium gauge, giving patrons what they expect, and more, this year. They deserve it. We know we must come really good. We have no choice,” George said in a media release.

From the premium food options, drinks and the ambiance, organisers say they are sparing no cost to keep Beach House on top of its game at the February 16 event, at the Sevilla Golf Course, Couva,

“We cannot fall short,” George said. “Beach House is a Carnival staple. It’s been a part of the landscape for some time and we’re excited to be offering live entertainment for the first time, this year. Evolution is natural. We want to make sure that every person who attends Beach House leaves satisfied.

“We pride ourselves on thinking about what the patron would desire, before they even think about it. The service staff we work with, are briefed on the necessary service protocols we employ as providers of a high-end event service.”

Three days after the premium all-inclusive event, the Beach House Cooler takes place on February 19.

Tickets for both events are available online.

For more on Beach House: @beachhouseme on Instagram and Beach House Entertainment Ltd on Facebook.


"Live entertainment comes to Beach House"

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