Social media claims upset mom of missing Danette Pierre

Donna Marie Pierre, mother of missing woman Danette Pierre. FILE PHOTO -
Donna Marie Pierre, mother of missing woman Danette Pierre. FILE PHOTO -

Social media reports that the unidentified burnt remains of a human found in a car in Claxton Bay recently might be missing 31-year-old Danette Pierre is not sitting well with her mother.

"I still feel she is being held against her will and will come home. I will not stop until the fat lady sings. Until I reach the end of my road, I am not accepting that," Donna Marie Pierre said on Monday.

"People have to come really good and give me information without unreasonable doubt. I am not taking any hearsay or what they say. It is nine days already, but I am not giving up."

She named and bashed a news site saying an article about Danette’s "death" had taken a toll on a female relative who almost had a mental breakdown.

"If this is the step they intended to take, at least let the family know before posting. Have a heart. They should verify their information. The Bible says men would be lovers of themselves. If they are doing this for likes and followers, then let them go ahead. I am not entertaining the talk," Pierre, 63, added.

MISSING: Danette Pierre -

The mother of three of Petite Morne in Ste Madeleine walked out of the family’s apartment home on January 28 at around 8.30 pm.

When she failed to return or respond to their calls and messages, relatives became worried and reported her missing to Ste Madeleine police.

Her mother told Newsday that since the start of the investigations, the police spoke about obtaining DNA samples to cross-reference with any unidentified bodies found.

Pierre added, "They did not say it was specifically connected to that body found in Claxton Bay. I believe that they would use the sample to cross reference with that body and other bodies. The sample would be put on a database."

On Monday, investigators took DNA samples from Pierre.

Members of the Anti-Kidnapping Unit and Homicide Bureau of Investigations (Region III) and Ste Madeleine police are investigating.

Members from the NGO Hunters Search and Rescue Team led by Vallence Rambharat, were also helping search for Danette.

On January 28, at around 9.20, residents of Cedar Hill Road in Claxton Bay reported hearing an explosion near the Forres Park landfill.

The police and fire officers were contacted, and they found a Mazda 3 car on fire on a dirt track off the road.

After fire officers extinguished the fire, they found the charred remains of a person in the backseat. Investigators were unable to determine if the victim was male or female. The victim’s identity remained unknown up to Monday.

Investigation revealed that the car was reported stolen in December in the Sangre Grande district.

Anyone with information on Danette’s whereabouts or about the victim’s identity can call the police at 999, 555 or the nearest police station.


"Social media claims upset mom of missing Danette Pierre"

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