Culture must stand on its feet

Prime Minister Dr Rowley - Angelo Marcelle
Prime Minister Dr Rowley - Angelo Marcelle

THE EDITOR: Prime Minister Rowley has hinted that, in the near future, all subsidies would be removed on gasoline, electricity and water.

With the exception of children's activities and the Panorama competition, it is time for the Government to stop subsidising all commercial Carnival competitions.

Panorama gets a bligh because of the huge numbers of young people who participate.

It is nauseating to see, year after year, Carnival interest groups going cap in hand begging the Government for taxpayer handouts. They seem to make no effort to become self-sufficient.

We must also stop rewarding calypsonians with taxpayers' money for singing racist calypsoes.

The laws of the free market must take effect. For the culture to thrive, it must learn to stand on its feet.


Mt Hope


"Culture must stand on its feet"

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