When our home is a heinous crime scene

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THE EDITOR: When our private home is a heinous crime scene of which we must endure from day to day because we live there, it drives at the heart of what and who we are as a people. Since in today’s reality we cannot have a communal militia, then it is usual for us to depend on the national security apparatus of the State for our day-to-day safety.

Suffice it to say that if a government cannot protect its people from aggressors, both foreign and domestic, no one expects that government to hold office for a long period of time. We could talk about other shortcomings of a government, but a protracted failure to protect its citizens is sufficient grounds for removal.

Some of the home invasions accompanied with brutality and victims left for dead in some cases mean that home invasion call for a military response.

The plundering of so many homes cannot be merely a crime of invasion and robbery, but a planned and orchestrated criminal modus operandi intended to drive a dagger at the heart of a people steeped in culture and wealth accumulation.

Think about home invasion and robbery with assault, aggravation and even murder of members of private homes in the Valsayn and surrounding areas. These private homes were invaded with the aim of violently confiscating the valuables including jewellery, jewelled watches, perfumes, cash and memorabilia accumulated over decades, perhaps as far back as indenture servitude.

What is even more aggravating and unbearable is that the home invaders are executing their illegal practices along the lines of a pseudo military operations as the tactics employed are similar to those used in guerilla warfare.

The tactics of blindfolding victims, putting a noose around their necks, torture, cutting off the younger women's cherished hair, kidnapping and maiming are all employed as intruders seek to help themselves to valuables that could fetch tens of thousands in street-value dollars.

What is so brazen is the thievery is done at any time of day, suggesting that the perpetrators have no regard for the law nor law enforcement people. A pseudo-military attack on civilians can only be repelled or apprehended by a counter military arm of the State.

The victims in those families in the Valsayn and surrounding areas are doctors, lawyers, dentists, engineers and bankers. Thus, these families are well qualified, young and can contribute mightily to any country wherever they so choose to migrate.

I am sure that those families are weighing their future prospects of migrating, given that life in Trinidad is too risky to reside and raise a family. A society where one can be violently robbed of their inherited possessions and even robbed of their lives in a matter of the proverbial split second harbours backwardness and decadence.

Who would blame them, assuming these victims seek their fortunes elsewhere in the world where open arms await them, given their invaluable human capital embodiment.

It goes without saying that TT would never progress when its professional and entrepreneurial people lay their buckets down elsewhere in the world rather than their country of birth.

So sad and worrisome as I fear my country is too soft on the rogue elements among us. So, I appeal to all our law-abiding citizens, take back our streets and our country before it is too late.


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"When our home is a heinous crime scene"

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