Lawless few destroying roads

Jack Warner. File photo/Sureash Cholai
Jack Warner. File photo/Sureash Cholai

THE EDITOR: Lawful citizens seek assistance from a host of independent government institutions across the board whenever we are confronted with issues. Especially when the issues are created by unlawful acts.

Such is the case in Bejucal Road and Ramatally Trace, Cunupia, where 18-ton and 20-ton trucks traverse on a daily basis carrying aggregate. In spite of there being signs on these two roads indicating that trucks in excess of seven tons are not allowed.

Reports were made to the Cunupia Police Station on five occasions over a five-day period and the Chaguanas Police Station on two occasions. Then at the Tunapuna-Piarco Regional Corporation via our councillor.

After all of these reports, not a single organisation saw it fit to warn or prosecute the transgressors for blatantly breaching the law. All of the officers of these institutions are turning a blind eye to what is happening in broad daylight in front of everybody.

Our Minister of Transport boasted about weigh-bridges being erected at strategic points and hand-held devices being issued to officers to solve this endemic problem.

I dare say that all these grand schemes are not required to solve this simple problem. It is merely a willingness to do the right thing but it must be engendered from the top. However, in spite of citizens reporting the breaches of the law (yeah right, see something, say something) to the relevant authorities, not one has demonstrated its ability to earn its keep or to display integrity.

Why are our institutions failing us left, right and centre and nobody seems to care? Would/could an officer, even at this stage, shock us and turn up at 6 am and charge the dozen or so truckers who transport as many as 11 loads a day and thereby putting a halt to this madness? If this continues we would not have a road to walk or drive on.

And by the way, this road was last repaired by one of the most hard working and amiable ministers to have served our country, Jack Warner. Had he been around, a phone call was all that would have been required to fix it.

Ramlakhan Deonarine

via e-mail


"Lawless few destroying roads"

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