Appeal to hangman, not the criminals

Kylie Meloney
Kylie Meloney

THE EDITOR: A relative of young Kylie Meloney who was killed by a gunman appealed to criminals to put down their guns.

This is not the first time relatives of murder victims have made such plea. It happens often.

Of course, the loss of a loved one is always heart-rending, especially by horrible unnatural means.

And relatives’ pleas to criminals truly express the relatives’ deep grief and hope that it doesn’t happen to anyone else.

But seriously, do we really think criminals have the heart to sympathise with relatives of their victims?

So here’s what, every time someone is murdered we (all law-abiding citizens) should not waste our time appealing to the criminals to put down their weapons, we should be appealing to the hangman to pick up his rope. It’s in our written laws. It’s the only way. Who or what is stopping him?




"Appeal to hangman, not the criminals"

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