Claxton Bay man dies in Saturday night crash


THE country recorded its fifth road fatality for 2023 on Saturday night.

For the same period in 2022, there were five fatal road accidents.

A police report said around 11.30 pm, Khamal Bhopsingh of Mt Pleasant Road, Spring Vale, Claxton Bay, was driving north along the Solomon Hochoy Highway when, on reaching the Gasparillo overpass, he collided with the metal railing on the western side of the Guaracara bridge.

He was thrown a few feet away from his car after it ended up on the eastern side of the bridge and was stuck on the metal rail.

A district medical officer declared him dead at the scene.

Police road safety officer Brent Batson called on drivers to be cautious when using the road. He said, “The gentleman was ejected from the vehicle which suggests he wasn’t wearing a seatbelt. Seatbelts are very important for safety, and we continue to encourage motorists to ensure that they are wearing their seatbelts once driving or travelling in a vehicle.”

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"Claxton Bay man dies in Saturday night crash"

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