Keiva Reyes finds comfort in e-mail communication

Keiva Reyes, digital marketer. -
Keiva Reyes, digital marketer. -

Effective communication is one of Keiva Reyes’ strengths. So when she decided to combine that skill with her love for marketing, she found herself in a place that allowed her flexibility, comfort and self sufficiency.

Reyes is an e-mail marketing specialist – a digital marketer that focuses on building e-mail lists, creating e-mails, and nurturing leads through written communications.

“I studied digital marketing and fell in love with the e-mail marketing aspect of it,” she said.

E-mail marketing is a direct marketing channel that allows businesses to easily send information on new products, sales, and updates to customers on their contact list.

“It helps you to communicate your unique messaging to your audience, converting them into your community. It utilises an e-mail marketing platform such as MailLite to send your e-mails to your subscribers.”

Reyes is the founder of Momtrepreneurs and Me, through which has has been helping women grow their business for over two years.

“Unofficially, I’ve been doing this since 2013.”

Reyes told WMN professional women make up the bulk of her clientele because that’s the demographic that seems to be attracted to her services.

“Perhaps it’s because I’m a professional woman myself.”

She said marketing through social media, although popular and effective, may not always be enough. And because there are a lot of elements involved in email marketing, sometimes it can be overwhelming for someone who doesn’t know what they are doing.

“I handle the technical aspects and and craft the messages. You can say I handle the ‘overwhelming,’ take that burden off them and make it easier by taking away some of the stresses that running a business can bring. And the good thing is the the same information can be used for their social media messages, it just has to be re-purposed.”

Keiva Reyes, centre, with her daughters Elisha, left, and Alyssa Augilera. -

She is offering a free 30-minute consultation via Zoom with new clients.

Reyes, a mother of three, said part of the reason why she took the decision to leave the corporate world and run her own home-based business was because she needed the flexibility to focus on her other duties as well.

“As a result I have to do a lot of planning, and schedule my days around my work and my other responsibilities.”

She said her day, like that of any working parent, involves preparing meals, school drop offs and pick ups, working and keeping house, among other things.

“I always try to keep my evenings free, even if it means working at night to meet a deadline.”

But even amid the busy days, Reyes still finds the time to give back to her community. She’s a member of the Lion’s Club in Arima, her hometown.

“I’m on the service committee...I joined last June because I love the club’s initiative.”

And she will soon be a member of the Association of Female Executive of TT.

“I’ve always wanted to get involved with that organisation; the strong women, the events, the charitable activities, it’s a right fit for me.”

Reyes said her goal this year is to extend her e-mail marketing reach to corporate entities and eventually throughout the Caribbean.

“Also, I want to do some travelling with my family, build memories, and of course there are always savings goals.”

For more information follow Keiva Reyes on Instagram and Facebook @mailerliteexpert


"Keiva Reyes finds comfort in e-mail communication"

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