Augustine: Let Christmas spirit linger year-round

Chief Secretary Farley Augustine.  THA information Department
Chief Secretary Farley Augustine. THA information Department

Chief Secretary Farley Augustine has urged Tobagonians to not let the Christmas spirit end with the season.

In his annual Christmas Day message, Augustine called on the public to show more humanity year-round and not to forget those who are coping with grief around this time.

"From months ago, many of you began the grand countdown on your calendars. You checked off the days with eager anticipation, and sometimes even a hint of panic as the time drew closer. Some kicked into overdrive doing the usual shopping and home renovations, while others personally weighed their enthusiasm surrounding the yuletide season. Now, after the wait, we can once again unwrap the magical gift that is Christmas," Augustine said.

He said people focus heavily on the physical manifestations of Christmas: the themed décor, the glistening lights, and the addition of new coats of paint.

"But Christmas also changes our spirits causing us to be more thoughtful and intentional with our actions. We prioritise showing our love to the ones who matter most, and also those who are sometimes overlooked. This is what makes Christmas the most wonderful time of the year— it offers us an opportunity to be the best version of ourselves."

He added, "When people mention that indescribable lightness in the atmosphere at Christmas, I attribute it to that increased humanity which we display. It stems from that heightened level of charity and community that rises to the fore. This Christmas, I want to challenge us to let this appreciation for each other reign for more than just the season. Let us truly purpose to sustain the good vibes and kind deeds which make life more positive and enjoyable as we move forward."

Augustine said the season also reminds people about the power of redemption.

"Through the momentous birth of Jesus Christ, believers everywhere received a new lease on salvation. No longer was the old covenant the only way to reconcile with God, another path now existed to redeem mankind. I hope that in our own daily lives, we never lose sight of redemption. May we remember that the challenges can be surmounted, allowing us to emerge even stronger and wiser than before."

As he wished the people of TT a joyous Christmas with lasting memories, Augustine added, "Indeed, it is a privilege to be able to celebrate this joyous occasion with our close family and friends for yet another year. While it is quite easy for Christmas to feel routine, we must never forget the intense mercy at play whenever we have the chance to experience it together."

He added, "Being able to usher in this season with health and strength is nothing short of an absolute blessing, which is not granted to everyone.


"Augustine: Let Christmas spirit linger year-round"

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