Paray: No one charged for scrap metal thefts

Opposition Mayaro MP Rushton Paray. File photo/Ayanna Kinsale
Opposition Mayaro MP Rushton Paray. File photo/Ayanna Kinsale

MAYARO MP Rushton Paray said the Opposition UNC stands ready to support measures to properly regulate the domestic scrap metal industry. But he added that the UNC has some doubts about the Scrap Metal Bill 2022 to achieve that objective.

In his contribution to debate on the bill in the House of Representatives on Wednesday, Paray said the UNC supports proper regulation of the industry.

On the economic benefits which the industry could bring TT, Paray said, "The potential is huge for TT, so we must pursue it."

After acknowledging earlier comments in the debate by Attorney General Reginald Armour SC about the illegal activities of some people associated with the industry, Paray claimed, "There is no indication that those engaged in those activities have been brought to justice.

Reiterating the UNC's position that it will support good law that comes to Parliament, Paray said, "This (bill) is not good law."

He asked whether proper consultation was had with all stakeholders before the bill came to Parliament.

Paray also asked whether measures contained in the bill will make it easier for people to enter the industry or remain in it.

He urged Government to ensure that there were no loopholes in the legislation which could create scenarios where "there are crooks in the system."


"Paray: No one charged for scrap metal thefts"

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